Cyber Security Service

Network Security Solutions

We offer expert network security solutions for both on-premise and Cloud infrastructures. We have a dedicated Certified Networking team who pride themselves on providing not only excellent service, but also custom solutions built upon your business needs rather than that ‘generic solution for all businesse's. This means we take time in understanding your network and how all aspects of it work.

Why is it necessity?

Network attacks are evolving on a daily basis with sophistication and their ability to go unnoticed by detection. Should your business be a victim of an attack resulting in data breach exposing data, the consequences could potentially be devastating resulting in not only company reputation but could also have financial consequences especially if in breach of GDPR (such as customers or employees personal data) which could have easily been avoided had the necessary network security been in place.


Internal users already have knowledge of the network and resources, thus making it far easier for this type of attack (unintentionally or malicious) to happen


Internal users typically have some level of network security access granted to their accounts because of the nature of their job at work place


It is most likely that external attackers do not have an intimate knowledge of a network, and because they do not already possess access credentials


Traditional network security mechanisms such as (IPS), (IDS) and firewalls are ineffective against much of the network misuse