Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Advisory Services

We analyse & understand your current IT environment and assess the cloud readiness of your business applications. Help you identify the right public cloud & services for your applications to help you minimise your cost and efforts to run your business applications.

Cloud Migration Services

Whether you want to move your business application from on-premise to cloud or from one public cloud to another. We can partner with you to identify which of your business applications can be moved and to which cloud. Paving the way for your business success today and for tomorrow.

Cloud Management services

Cloud infrastructure thrusts upon a huge list of operational challenges. Let us fully manage the monitoring, backups, DR, deployments, security and DevOps minimizing the risk to your business. Leaving you ample time to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

Application Development for cloud

We can convert your business ideas to reality. Design & develop web or mobile applications based on microservices which run in response to events on serverless environment, auto-scale for you, and only charge you when they run. Lowering cost and enabling you to build more logic, faster.


Fully Managed Cloud is one of the most innovative computing business solutions present today, which is cost effective and deliver all benefits of a cloud computing infrastructure. It doesn’t require having a cloud expert or system administrator.


R&R provide you every cloud management task that your IT team would otherwise have to perform and thereby we save your time. We have highly specialised and experienced experts for efficient delivery and reliable services.